Call for donations!

Hello dear reader. You might have found us through one of several platforms that we are running our campaign on. To begin, here is some information about us that might be important for you to know:

I am Neil Mathias. I am a third year engineering student. I live in a town close to Mangalore, Karnataka. I study in National Institute of Technology Tiruchirappalli. Alongside me, though virtually, is Navneeth Rajiv, who is my colleague from Ernakulam, Kerala.

We want to prototype and industrially manufacture portable oxygen concentrators to supply medical oxygen to patients suffering from lowered lung capacity due to coronavirus infection.

For this we need around Rs. 60000 in funds by the latest. The technical specifications for the components used are given in this doc.

These funds will be used to procure the raw materials necessary to make a prototype oxygen concentrator, titled Oxigen 1.0. We will also require certain equipment to ensure the output of our device is medically-safe and is suitable for use in hospitals.

You can find our campaign on Milaap. If appropriate, you may transfer the funds via other direct methods.

A complete explanation of each Rupee of crowd-fund spent on this project will be an inefficient use of our time as we are a short-staffed team with geographical restrictions. But do not be mistaken, your money will be spent for the sole purpose of urgent prototyping and manufacturing of Oxigen devices.

To summarize, we are engineering students from NIT Tiruchirappalli who want to produce oxygen concentrators for medical usage.

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Donations received so far: