Wrapping-up the project - Refund of donations

To all the people who donated via Milaap, Razorpay, or to my account directly via bank transfer or UPI:

We have been unsuccessful in raising the required capital for the Research and Development of the oxygen concentrator prototype. To this, I am returning all of your kind donations back, via the same medium used by you for donating to our cause.

The goal was easily achievable had we taken the help of institutions and established (non-profit or otherwise) organizations. But, due to the lack of financial support beyond the good-will of each and every person who has donated, we have no choice but to dismantle our project.

If you wish, you may contact either of us to know how you can contribute to the cause of helping make oxygen more affordable to people in India. There are several NGOs and corporations who are taking the responsibility of developing affordable oxygen concentrators for India, and it would be a pleasure for us to inform you about the rapid advancements happening in this field. We can help you better understand the technology of obtaining oxygen from air, so that you can be aware of what is happening behind the scenes in the various organizations trying to help navigate the coronavirus pandemic.

If you haven’t yet received your donation amount in your bank account, please contact me on +91 6361915247 or write an email to me on neilreon@gmail.com and I will be sure to help you out as soon as possible.

Thank you donor, for your kind financial help! But due to unfortunate circumstances, we haven’t been able to put your donations to good use, so we are returning it to you.

Stay safe, and take care!
Neil Mathias

Donations received so far: